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Dear all wonderful roleplayers that applied for our camping event. We are happy to announce that every one of you made it onto the list of participants if you managed to apply up until now. We have been looking at your requests and comments and have tried to place you all into groups that will suit you considering your timezone, preferences etc. We have now come to this point where we can write a full list participants and give further information about the actual event.

On October 11th we will arrive at Jangnang Camping forest together and there we will spend one day and night together (however, you may extend your paras and actions for as long as you like). You will be given your tent numbers and are expected to set your tents yourselves once you find the right one, there will be manuals provided so there will be no complications. There will be a campfire during the night where you can grill and cook your food, and there will also be some storytelling around the campfire for those of you who dare to listen.

On the day of the event we will post a link to a tinychat chatroom especially made for this event where you can talk to each other more freely and get instant responds if you feel like the dash is not enough. On two occasions we will have storytelling around the campfire and this will be through a different tinychat where we will show a couple of episodes of the show “Are you afraid of the dark?”. The first occasion will be at 7pm GMT and the second occasion will be at 6pm EST this link will also be posted on the day of the event so keep your eyes open for that. Now, without further ado here comes the list of participants as well as all the tent numbers. 

Tent 1:

Tent 2:

Tent 3:

Tent 4:

Tent 5:

Tent 6:

Tent 7

We advise you all to follow everyone on this list to be able to interact with each other and don’t forget that this is a friendship event, meaning that we will try to make new friends, so be nice to each other! You can also follow us for any event information if you haven’t already done so. If there are any more questions please hit our ask and we will answer all of your questions! 

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Gonna keep this short and sweet.

I roam the streets, scale the sides of buildings, play a good game of three-card monte and scam people out of their money. Pick-pocketing is a hobby and I picked up a bit of drug dealing along the way—we don’t really like to talk about my business much.

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Okay I don’t know why but at the moment I am completely unable to use Aim on mobile due to it acting dumb as fuck so if you’re expecting a reply you’ll have to wait until I’m able to fix this issue.

UNTIL THEN, TALK TO ME HERE. Sobs a lil. I knew I should have installed kkt.

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NU'EST for their 1st Japanese Single 'Shalala Ring' ♥

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Matsui Rena | 23 yo. | Student sometimes |  Lost girl, lonely girl

Dear diary,

It was the first time I went to university today. I was so excited you know, to go there thinking I would take notes on my laptop, drink starbucks coffees with strangers and go to the pub with them like we were the best friends down earth. It was different than expected though, everything was boring. Just .. boring.

Since I gave up on my idol status, I now want to experience life, the unpredictable one, the real one. I want to experience friendship, love, fear, sex, hangover. I want to wake up everyday, with this messed hair and that wide smile, thinking I lived the day before at the speed of light.

What should I do, diary? I’m talking to a piece of paper .. I think I really need friends.

Single | Bisexual | Semi-AU | Mirror | Please reblog/like/follow ♥

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The last gif in your gif folder explains your life.

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send me your top 3 biases and i’ll list them in my order of preference

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This is actually only my second theme that I’ve truly worked on apart from the one I had previously.

I didn’t take too much time to test it before putting it up, so if you catch a link that doesn’t work or a glitch here or there, I’d appreciate it if you’d point it out for me so I can fix it.

8D Hope you guys like it.


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